Tuesday, March 29, 2005

''Tell your Senator to vote for the Anti-Discrimination Bill today!''

Ray Minchew of Democracy for Washington asked me to pass this along: "It’s time for us to take action. The Murray/Anderson Anti-Discrimination Bill, will soon be up for debate before the state Senate. This bill will prevent discrimination in housing, employment, insurance, and other public accommodations based on sexual orientation or gender identity - protection they don't have today. Currently, the state constitution protects people of faith from discrimination, and the Human Rights Commission enforces anti-discrimination legislation which ensures women, ethnic minorities, the elderly, and disabled citizens will not face discrimination in their jobs, or when renting a home. Tell your Senator to vote for the Anti-Discrimination Bill today! This year, the bill passed the House easily, but the margin in the Senate could be razor-thin. Every vote counts! With that in mind, Democracy for Washington has launched a radio campaign in Seattle and Spokane, and is urging every progressive to contact their Senator today and demand a “yes” vote on the Murray/Anderson Bill. We need everyone’s help to get this bill passed. Tell your Senator to vote for the Anti-Discrimination Bill today! It is wrong to exclude any minority from anti-discrimination protections. This legislation does not provide “special rights”, and it doesn’t change existing laws affecting religious institutions. There is no reasonable excuse to oppose this bill – fifteen states already have this legislation, and our Legislature has debated it each year since 1976. It is time to stop spending taxpayer money on this debate, pass this bill, and move on with equality! Please forward this e-mail to all your friends; it is vital that our state Senators hear from their constituents this week. Thank you for everything you do!"

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