Monday, January 15, 2007

"Jim McDermott's Mini-Town Meeting: Iraq"

dinazina has in-depth coverage with photos:
McD. [paraphrasing] "I would like to be rid of him as much as anyone! And I DO believe that what he's done could be classed as war crimes. But our system makes it difficult to remove a leader--this is what we do instead of have a revolution. It's not like a parliament where he'd be subject to a Vote of Confidence. If so, he'd have been out a year or two ago. WE only have a majority of 51% in the senate, maybe only 50% [note: obviously referring to Leiberman]. We don't want to throw the government into the kind of gridlock it was while they were doing this to President Clinton.

Besides, it takes so long that by the time we get to that point this administration will be on its way out....We plan to "isolate" him as much as possible while we focus on our agenda, which is the most important..."

(disappointed silence)

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