Monday, January 22, 2007

"Top Senate Democrat concerned about Bush and Iran"

The Democratic chairman of the Senate intelligence committee said on Monday he is concerned President George W. Bush could act against Iran despite uncertainties about Tehran's intentions in the Middle East.
The 69-year-old lawmaker, one of a handful in Congress to be briefed on the most highly sensitive intelligence, said any U.S. attack on Iran would make little sense given how stretched American forces have become in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I can't imagine, given the condition and the amplitude or lack of amplitude of our troops, that we would undertake such a mission," Rockefeller said.

"But I can't completely cast that out of my mind because I don't know how the president makes decisions," he added. "Go back to how it was he got us into Iraq."
Howie says: I can't "cast that out of my mind" either.

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