Monday, January 22, 2007

War Tribunal "contends war in Iraq is illegal"

Seattle P-I:
Maybe the most popular topic on Sunday was the contention that the U.S. government is guilty of violating the Nuremberg treaty, which prohibits wars of aggression, the murder of innocent civilians and the inhumane treatment of prisoners of war.
Chanan Suarez-Diaz, a former Navy hospital corpsman turned president of the Iraqi Veterans Against War's Seattle chapter, remembered how soldiers would recount the killing of innocent civilians.

"When you're in war, you can basically justify anything," he said. "It was kind of like a joke. They (said), 'Look at that guy -- I shot him in the stomach while he was running.' "

Members of some platoons would take brain matter from their victims, bring it back to the U.S. military base and put it in the refrigerator, Suarez-Diaz said.

"There comes a point in war when you've seen so much death and destruction that you just feel numb," he added.

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