Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"The 'Madrassah Myth" and the next 12 months"

The Washington Post reports on CNN's discovery that a bogus report that Barack Obama attended a madrassah (Islamic religious school) as a six-year old is untrue.

The fatuous claim actually appeared in a story in right-wing Insight Magazine owned by the right-wing Washington Times, which bills itself as "America's newspaper." Fox News breathlessly pushed the report on television.

Here's what happens next: Insight Magazine immediately fingers the campaign of Hillary Clinton as the "anonymous source" which provided the bogus madrassah claim.

This is troubling on several levels.

First, no self-respecting journalist would so quicky give up his sources. (real journalists go to jail to protect their sources.)

More importantly, for the next year, right-wing attacks will be launched against both Clinton and Obama --- and the right-wing media will simply blame anonymous staffers for the other campaign as the source.

Reason number 47 on why you should not believe (anything) everything that you read in the conservative media.
Howie says: Nice to see Obama supporters distancing themselves from a hit by the wingnut media on the Hillary camp. Josh asks: "So who will Fox News fire for peddling the Obama hoax? How about the Washington Times? Who will they fire?"

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