Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Will blog for food"

Seattle's Blogger-in-Chief makes the ask:
The past few years have been an extraordinary experience, immensely gratifying in nearly every way except financial, and while it is a relief to have some steady income from the KIRO gig, two nights a week does not make ends meet and is far from enough to help pull me out of the financial hole I’ve dug for myself. Everything in my life — my house, my car, my clothes, my body — is falling apart, and well… as I stare at these words on my fuzzy new/old screen, it’s just kinda depressing.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do, and given the choice I’d do it all over again. (’Cause… I’m crazy.) And I certainly plan to continue almost-full-time blogging as long as I can keep the lights on. But the City Light bill is past due, so who knows how much longer that might be?

The point is, I need cash, and so I’ve decided to do what I first should have done a couple years ago, and hold an online fundraiser. That’s right, I’m asking you, my loyal readers, to help me continue my hard work, by forking over a little or your hard earned cash.

Consider this to be’s first official pledge drive. From now through the end of the month I’ll be shamelessly begging you for money… you know, just like politicians, NPR, PBS, teenage children and… well… beggars. My goal: a modest $3500 — about enough to pay my bills for a month. Barely.
Howie says: If gave him a quarter for every time I've linked to him, I'd have to give him more than I can afford!

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