Thursday, January 21, 2010

Howard Dean: ""Health care is the symptom rather than the disease"

Howard Dean (WCAX-VT):
"Health care is the symptom rather than the disease. The disease is that the American people voted for change and they're seeing a lot of infighting in government, they are not seeing a lot of progress," said Dean.

He added that Brown's victory has "very little to do with Obama except that they wanted to see more change faster."

Campaign observers say Coakley did not run a tough campaign, some going so far as to say she gave up after winning the primary and simply assumed she would win the special election. Dean says if Democrat Martha Coakley had won the health care bill would have been passed without complication because Democrats would still control 60 seats in the Senate. Without that super-majority now Dean says the health care bill will still pass.

"There'll actually be fewer concessions because it's not going to be going back through the Senate so you'll either start it all over again and run it through reconciliation or they'll pass the Senate bill, which is the weaker of the two, and then have to try to fix it later on," he says.

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