Sunday, January 17, 2010

"OfA on the line in Mass."

Ben Smith:
A handful of readers emailed this week that Organizing for America, the Obama campaign organization, had been unfairly maligned over the last year because it hadn't had a chance to do the sort of intense, electoral organizing it was good at, instead consigned to hazy issue campaigns.

Wrote one emailer:

In just 5 days OFA has shifted almost all of its focus to the Coakley campaign. A couple of days ago, OFA volunteers made over 25,000 calls into MA, and over 15,000 calls were made last night. To put it in perspective, this article notes that the McCain campaign was making 20,000 dials per month in the pre Palin phase. Many of our calls are to potential volunteers and since they are being asked to fill GOTV shifts OFA could be a serious force multiplier. I'll now go back to reading the latest DKos diary about how OFA can't do anything.

The group is doing a conference call today to rally the troops and celebrate the volunteers who made the most calls. If Coakley pulls it out, the group's effectiveness in a late, intense campaign push will be part of the story.

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