Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOTU Reaction from "a very experienced psychiatric nurse"

From my friend Rachel Smith Manrique, who knows the author:
First, the likes:
1. He has access to himself, drawing from a wealth of personal discipline and experience, both failure and hardship. He spoke to me directly from that place of utmost integrity, particularly towards the end of the speech.
2. He has a very likable approach, he's gentle at the core of his being, humble. One can tell that he is fully conscious of the consequences of his decisions.
3. I feel that he addressed the trust deficit issue quite well.
4. Kudos for addressing the supreme court (kangaroos) and asking for election reform.

1. Too much on the agenda, unclear how things will get done with such a divided country, and with the deficit
2. Could have addressed his own personality, making himself more vulnerable to 'the enemy' the GOP, while asking 'them' with all of their emotions severed for a plan as to how we can more effectively communicate, thus get something done. It is their responsibility to do that. He also might have addressed the leading sophists....explaining how much damage is done by they don't have to be accountable for their vitriolic spiels. I think a bit more of assertive talk would have made a good start towards healing the divisiveness plaguing this country.

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