Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TPM: "Beck Calls 'Bullcrap' On Palin's Non-Answer About Favorite Founding Father" (with video)

TPM, with video (00:49):
During Sarah Palin's interview with Glenn Beck today, something extraordinary happened -- Beck challenged Palin on a stock, noncommittal answer to a question. Beck asked: "Who's your favorite Founder?"

"You know, well, all of them, because they came collectively together with so much--" Palin began, in a manner much like her non-answers to Katie Couric's questions about which newspapers she's read ("All of them.") and which Supreme Court decisions she's disagreed with (which brought a similarly broad answer about how there are a lot of decisions).

"Bullcrap," Beck interrupted. "Who's your favorite."

"--so much diverse and so much diversity in terms of belief, but collectively they came together -- and they were led by, of course George Washington, so he's got to rise to the top." Palin then gave a short speech on Washington's virtues.

Howie P.S.: But wait, there's more! More from TPM: "Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin Offer To Co-Host Saturday Night Live (with video)."

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