Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Dems to Obama: Let's NOT cave on Bush tax cuts!" (with video)

Greg Sargent:
Carrie Budoff-Brown reports that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are privately urging the President to stake out a tough and coherent position on the tax cuts. Other Dems are telling Obama not to waver publicly or telegraph weakness.

While that's a good message, it really is dispiriting to see this same old B.S., where Congressional Dems try to preemptively blame their own lack of spine on Obama's alleged failure to provide them with marching orders. Yes, the White House is important in setting direction and tone. But if Pelosi and Reid want a vote on extending just the middle class cuts, they can simply hold one. If you want a tough and coherent position in this fight -- as Pelosi surely does -- adopt one! Not rocket science.

Howie P.S.: Alan Grayson makes it clear, video (05:25), why the extension of the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% is a bad idea.

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