Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eugene Robinson: "Where's Obama's mojo?"

Obama 60 Minutes Video
President Barack Obama on "60 Minutes."
Eugene Robinson:
In his only interview since the GOP rampage, with Steve Kroft of "60 Minutes," Obama was reasonable, analytical, professorial - but also uninspired and uninspiring. I'm just being honest, if not generous; when Kroft asked whatever happened to Obama's "mojo," the president gave the impression that he's been wondering the same thing.

By uninspired, I mean there was no sense that Obama relishes the high-stakes political battles that are sure to come over the next two years. There was no hint, for example, that he looks forward to the opportunity to put Republicans on the spot about all the unrealistic budget-cutting they say they want to carry out. And by uninspiring, I mean that the president offered no vision of a brighter tomorrow. Instead, he sketched a future not quite as dim as the present. MORE...

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