Thursday, November 18, 2010

(Updated) "Donald Trump for President? Don't Rule It Out" (with video)

UPDATE: More wisdom from The Donald, video (07:37), from the The Morning Jokesters.

E ONLINE, with video (00:45):
Will the Donald give Barack Obama a run for his money?

Appearing on Good Morning America today, Donald Trump revealed that after years of false rumors, he's considering running for president in 2012. And this time he means it.


According to Trump, the United States has become a "whipping post" for China to assert its control because of the nations' trade imbalance and China's currency manipulation, a problem he claims President Obama has tried and failed so far to address.

That would change under a Trump administration, says the real estate tycoon.


There's good news for Obama, however. Trump said if he runs, it'll be as a Republican and he would be willing to spend at least $200 million of his own money in a campaign. So watch out, Sarah Palin!

But it all depends on whether America "continues to be taken advantage of by the world."

"Would I rather be in the race or not be in the race? I can tell you, I love what I'm doing. I'm having a great time what I'm doing. I'd rather not be in the race," said the businessman. MORE....

Howie P.S.: I spoke with Ed Schultz live, on-air, on his radio show this morning about this in the last ten minutes of his first hour. We agreed that it would be helpful to raise the visibility of this issue. Schultz said the Republican party would not accept Trump as a candidate and he would have to run as an independent third party candidate.

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