Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greenwald on Bloomberg: "Yeah, a Wall St.-loyal, Surveillance-loving neocon billionaire: just what the country has been lacking."

Glenn Greenwald
A Bloomberg candidacy would have no purpose other than satisfy his bottomless personal lust for attention and bestow the wise old men threatening the country with his candidacy with some fleeting sense of rejuvenated relevance and wisdom. His political views are conventional in every way and he's little more than an establishment-enabling figurehead. The whole attraction to his candidacy has nothing to do with any issues or substance and everything to do with an empty addiction to vapid notions of Establishment harmony and a desire to exert control, whereby our Seriousness guardians devote themselves to a candidate for reasons largely unrelated to his policies or political views, thus proving themselves, as usual, to be the exact antithesis of actual seriousness. MORE...
Howie P.S.: The headline quote is from Greenwalds's Twitter feed.

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