Monday, November 22, 2010

"Matt Taibbi, David Gergen and Peter D. Hart debate the Republican comeback"

President Obama walks to a press conference at the White House the day after midterm elections, November 3, 2010.

Rolling Stone:
Roundtable: The GOP Victory, the Tea Party Ascendancy — and Obama’s Next Steps---Gergen: If it were not for the extra boost of enthusiasm the Tea Party provided, I imagine the Republicans would have won only 40 to 50 seats, instead of the 60-plus they gained. But the Tea Party also makes it harder in the future for Republicans to maintain a coherent party. Matt is right that they will have a large voice in the nomination process in 2012. But one cannot discount that someone could arise, as Reagan did in the past, who can bridge the differences within the party and keep people united.

Taibbi: To me, the main thing about the Tea Party is that they're just crazy. If somebody is able to bridge the gap with those voters, it seems to me they will have to be a little bit crazy too. That's part of the Tea Party's litmus test: "How far will you go?" MORE...

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