Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Taibbi: "Tea Party Anger Confused" (with video)

Watch: Taibbi on 'Parker/Spitzer' (TaibbBlog) with video from CNN (06:49):
Went on the new Parker/Spitzer show last night -- have been looking forward to this one because the governor knows more about the finance shenanigans than anyone -- and it turned out to be a good talk, mostly about the Tea Party. I have to apologize to the planet earth for two things. One, when Spitzer asks who my heroes are in this climate, I somehow forgot to mention Elizabeth Warren, who I still think should be gearing up to run for president. I also screwed up the name of Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, calling him "Ron" Merkley, and this is embarrassing to admit but I did this because I was confusing Merkley with an old New England Patriots draft choice, a linebacker named Ron Merkerson, who, if memory serves me correctly, had to retire because of microfracture issues. Senator Merkley, my apologies.

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