Friday, February 04, 2011

Seattle: "Sixty One Ton Maple Tree Moved By Large Crane At Hospital Construction Site Moved To New Location" (with video)

Laurelhurst Blog with video (02:04) from Seattle Children's Hospital:
Saving trees like the giant maple is one way Children’s is being ‘green’ and creating a living legacy of trees and plants.

This move is part of a major effort orchestrated by Children’s transplant thousands of plants from the construction site to areas throughout the existing campus—a majority of which will be replanted back on the site when construction is complete. Trees that cannot be salvaged will be locally milled and reused. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Tree activists in Seattle comment:
Michael Oxman: "In 2008 Childrens Hospital proposed removing a grove of Giant Sequoias next to the Burke Gilman Trail that have trunks that measure some 7’ in diameter.The only reason these trees are still here is because the neighbors MADE them preserve the trees.Institutions, schools and developers who regard trees as insignificant should all be handled the same way."

Rick Barrett: "Jeannie Hale led the charge for Laurelhurst and the Seattle Community Council Federation. A very remarkable activist and effective community leader. I surely hope we can develop more like her."

Janet Way: "Well, they are saving some trees now, but only after major litigation "encouraged them". Hooray for Laurelhurst Community Council and Jeannie Hale!"

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