Monday, April 25, 2011

David Horsey Takes on Trump (with cartoon)

David Horsey (
So, the current question being asked by the punditocracy (hoping for a positive answer) is this: Can Trump be taken seriously?

I’ve got a better question. Given that Trump is at the top of several GOP presidential polls, can Republicans take themselves seriously?

Trump believes in nothing so much as in himself. This deeply self-impressed bully believes being overbearing is the way to run a company and a country. His idea of a nuanced foreign policy would be to threaten OPEC and send troops into Libya to grab the oil. Willing to adjust his politics to further his own interests, he has done a quick flip-flop on abortion to please the Religious Right and made it known he drops by church on Christmas and Easter. His past praise of Barack Obama has been switched to a harsh critique that includes the loopy allegation the president was born in Kenya. MORE...

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