Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kaine to Obama: "I'm not Howard Dean"

Washington Examiner:
“I got some grief for not being a fire-breathing, you know, rip Republicans’ throat out at every point, and you know when the president asked me to do the DNC job I said, ‘You know honestly…I’m not Howard Dean," Kaine said. "He said, 'Tim, I’m not asking you in spite of who you are, I’m asking because of who you are.’”

“What he was saying is the key, ultimately, we don’t do politics for politics’ sake, and we don’t even do politics for elections’ sake, we do politics for the results that we can try to produce in people’s lives,” he continued.

"The president said, ‘you have been a governor in the worst recession in 70 years, you helped your state to be best-managed state, best state for business, we’re going to have to do some things to get this economy moving again, and I need somebody who can help articulate that message,’” he said. MORE...

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