Friday, April 15, 2011

"Howard Dean talks political activism, Tea Party"

"On Wednesday, former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean ’71 spoke to an audience of 150 about political activism and demographic shifts. Photo by Eva Galvan."

Yale Daily News:
Young people, not the tea party, will be the driving force behind change and reform in the future of the United States, Howard Dean ’71 told Yale students Wednesday.

At a conversation sponsored by the Yale College Democrats Wednesday night, former presidential candidate Howard Dean ’71 discussed political activism on college campuses and shifting demographics in the United States. Speaking to an audience of about 150 students, pre-freshmen and their parents, Dean highlighted the importance of political participation for the American generation under 35 years of age.

“You have to do something political every single day,” Dean said. “Politics at its core is really about organizing people to do something for a cause that is bigger than themselves.” MORE...

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