Thursday, April 07, 2011

WA: No Pizzas Allowed in Olympia Budget Protest (with video)

David Goldstein (SLOG) with video (00:23):
I was just on the phone with local MoveOn coordinator Sandra VanderVen, calling from the Capitol rotunda in Olympia, when she suddenly hung up. A few minutes later she sent me this text:

Sorry I had to cut you off. Preparing for arrest.

According to Sandra, hundreds of demonstrators have occupied the building in protest of the state budget, vowing not to leave. Shortly after the protest's scheduled start there were already 40 or so sleeping bags laid out on the rotunda floor, with more protesters arriving.

I'll update as I get more details.

UPDATE: Heard back from Sandra, no arrests yet, though they're not convinced that won't eventually happen. Pictures coming.

UPDATE, UPDATE: No arrests, but state troopers are not letting their pizzas be delivered. How lame can you get?

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