Friday, April 22, 2011

Sensible Washington: "On Inevitability"

Sensible Washington:
We’d like to thank NORML Show Live for giving Washington State airtime at the National Conference in Denver this afternoon. Sensible Washington is making an audacious bid to qualify an initiative for the ballot and, if possible, without using paid signature gatherers. Collecting signatures from 8% of the voting public couldn’t possibly happen on its own. Could it?

Sensible Washington operates without directors, but everyone gets to be a producer. We kicked off a 4/20 money bomb and only raised $600. We collected upwards of 5,000 signatures that day.

So how is this happening at all? How long can a campaign hope to double its signature counts every week? What moved a donor to add over $1,000 in the Sensible Washington coffers during 4/20 week? By some state of grace there are more shirts, more signage, more tech, more petitions.

What does it mean when the director of reddit’s cannabis community wants to expose your campaign to an audience of over half a million supporters? How much money do you need for 1,000,000 exposures on Facebook? About $500. MORE...

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