Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Here it comes! Amateur skywatchers across the world capture the moment Nasa satellite finally plummets to Earth in ball of fire"

UPDATE; I just discovered this sentence:
Its projections also put almost all of the U.S. in the clear — with Washington state the lone holdout.

"Junk yard in space: UARS is one of the thousands of objects in Earth orbit being tracked by Nasa, as shown by this computer graphic."

Mail Online (UK):
Purported sightings in Texas and California caught on video
Plunging satellite debris dropped somewhere over Africa or Canada
Exact time and location of satellite not yet confirmed
Debris fell to Earth some time between 11.23pm on Friday and 1.09am EDT today
Pieces of debris remain property of U.S. with people who find them ordered to hand them back. MORE...

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