Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Stranger goes to college, graduates and looks back

"Utopia-You Will Never Have It Better Than How You Have It in College" (Charles Mudede-The Stranger):
The university campus is the ideal society. Even more than that, it is the most human society possible. We are the learning animal. Our brains are huge and develop very slowly. Chimp children, for example, mature much faster than human children. After two or so years, the chimp stops asking questions. The chimp just wants to get on with life. We, on the other hand, can't stop learning, we extend childish wonder deep into adulthood, which transformed us into the book-reading, history-learning, formula-memorizing ape. MORE...
"Josh Potter's Guide to Dystopia---A Stranger Intern on Having Just Graduated College and Entering the Job Market Right Now" (Josh Potter-The Stranger):
Only six weeks into a job at a fancy deli on Queen Anne and eight weeks into living in Seattle, I'm calling my boss and quitting via voice mail. I've delved so far into the negatives of my bank account since graduating that, after a $450 paycheck, I'm still well below zero dollars. MORE...

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