Sunday, September 25, 2011

(Updated) Obama in Seattle Today (the ticket)

UPDATE: "Obama – the cheap seats (price: $100)" (Joel
The price list began at $1,000 for Sunday lunch at the Paramount with President Obama, but as the event nears the Obama reelection campaign has begun hawking cheap seats in the balcony for $100.

“A few seats remain in balcony seating at an affordable price: this is your chance to see the President, and show your support for all the values we share,” said an Obama campaign invite.

“Hear from him about how the Jobs Act can be passed, and learn more about what you can do to help. All from our Commander in Chief, in person.”

A hundred bucks is indeed more affordable. A “Medina Brunch with Barack” is priced at $35,800 a couple. Luncheon seating at the Paramount starts at $1,000, rises to $2,000 for “preferred seating” with a picture with the president costing $7,500. MORE...

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