Monday, November 19, 2012

"Damn right, George Bush should face criminal proceedings for waterboarding"

A protest calling for the arrest of George Bush as he visited British Columbia, Canada in 2011 on a speaking engagement at an economic forum. Photograph: via Andy Worthington.  

Katherine Gallagher (GuardianUK-OpEd):
Though signatory to the convention against torture, Canada neglected to investigate George Bush. Will the UN now act?---One thing brings together these four men – Hassan bin Attash, Sami el-Hajj, Muhammed Khan Tumani and Murat Kurnaz: they are all survivors of the systematic torture program the Bush administration authorized and carried out in locations including Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantánamo, and numerous prisons and CIA "black sites" around the world. Between them, they have been beaten, hung from walls or ceilings, deprived of sleep, food and water, and subjected to freezing temperatures and other forms of torture and abuse while held in US custody.
None was charged with a crime. Two were detained while still minors. And one of them remains at Guantánamo.
This week, in a complaint filed with the United Nations committee against torture, they are asking one question: how can the man responsible for ordering these heinous crimes, openly enter a country that has pledged to prosecute all torturers regardless of their position and not face legal action? MORE...

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