Sunday, November 25, 2012

the FIELD NEGRO: "White on Rice."

“You’ve got grumpy old (white) men going after a young accomplished woman of color,” Milbank wrote in a piece this week. “It’s arguable this is not the path to convincing the American people that the GOP is truly a big tent where all races, religions and classes are welcome.”

That was Dana Milbank of the Washington Post writing about the GOP's latest attempt to find skeletons in O's presidential closet. This time they are hoping that Susan Rice will be the crack in O's armor that will lead to his ultimate downfall. (Good luck with that. They will find that Troy was a cake walk compared to getting to O.) Poor "grumpy old (white) men", they tried to make Eric Holder their Trojan Horse but to no avail. Now, unfortunately for her, Susan Rice will have to face the wrath of the "grumpy old (white) men".MORE...

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