Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Goldy: "Why Inslee Won" (with video)

Goldy (The Stranger)with video (00:35):
Of course it would be the height of hubris to select any one thing as the absolute turning point in an election campaign, especially one so tight as Democrat Jay Inslee's narrow victory over Republican Rob McKenna in Washington's governor's race. But hubris has never stopped me before. Sure, there were a lot of factors, but in politics first impressions are everything, and Inslee's introductory ads this summer were just a kajillion times better than McKenna's. Watch the two ads side by side with the sound off. Which guy looks more like of a leader? Which guy looks more like an effete, elitist, flabby-chested geek? It's no contest.MORE...
Howie P.S.: I feel so foolish sitting here worrying about this contest and eagerly waiting to see the next round of results from the WA Secretary of State.

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