Wednesday, November 07, 2012

"Must-watch video: Karl Rove melts down on Fox" (video)

Chris in Paris (AMERICAblog) with video (02:41) from FAUX News:
There just may be a god after all. Rove can’t grasp the reality that his $300 million campaign had its clock cleaned and that his brand of extremism lost. He stammers, stumbles and is so desperate that he references the Ohio Secretary of State, who has been at the center of controversy for blocking Democratic voters. It must be a painful morning today for Rove to recognize that he’s no longer on top of the game, that he’s a loser. Not just a regular loser, but a loser who just pissed away hundreds of millions of dollars from donors who will no longer see him as an election mastermind. Tough break for Karl, isn’t it?

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Howard Martin said...

Calling him "Turd Blossom" may have been Shrub's best decision.