Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"$456 Billion"


Did you know that we've already spent more than $456 BILLION on the war so far?1 And that it's cost each American household more than $4,100?2 We've learned that when we remind voters of the costs of the Iraq war—and all the important priorities that we can't afford because of it—they're more likely to push Congress to end the war quickly.

So MoveOn members are holding a news conference on Thursday in Mercer Island to release a new report on what the war has cost your area. They still need a few more folks to come. Can you make it?

Host: Chris T.—fellow MoveOn member
Where: Outside Rep. D. Reichert's office in Mercer Island Village (in Mercer Island)
When: Thursday, Aug 16 2007, 12:00 PM


At a news conference like this, it really helps to have a crowd of 5-10 people—so it's clear in the TV coverage that folks are really concerned about the cost of the war. We still need a few more folks to come to the event in Mercer Island (because it's during the day, it's a little harder for some people to make it). If you're free, the MoveOn members organizing this event could really use your help.

At the events, MoveOn members will hold a press conference for reporters where we'll release the report, hear from speakers and take questions from the media. Then, we'll deliver the report outlining what the war is costing us to our representative's office so that Congress gets the message: We want an end to this unwinnable civil war in Iraq and we want it now.

In September, General Petraeus is going to issue his report on Iraq. Congress will then decide whether they're going to give the president another blank check for endless war or whether they'll force him to accept real timelines to bring our troops home quickly.

So we're going all out this month to make sure Congress takes a stand against this war and votes to bring our troops home in September.

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