Saturday, August 25, 2007

"WA-08: Burnin' Bush for Burner"

mcjoan on Kos:
It occurs to me that we've got a lot of new readers here, many folks who weren't around for last summer and fall, and the excitement of the run-up to Election '06, and particularly Burner's incredible campaign and heart-breakingly close loss in Washington State.
It also got me to thinking about the highlight of my year, my western states road trip hanging out with the cream of our netroots candidate crop. It all kicked off in my backyard, when I spent a day on the trail with Darcy, meeting her solid core of campaign staff and a handful of volunteers, and spending the afternoon watching the candidate in action. On front porch after front porch, in an impromptu local news interview, at a fundraiser with luminaries Joe Wilson and Rep. Jim McDermott, Darcy was professional, engaged, funny, and just damned smart. I came away from that day doubly excited for our prospects with Darcy, and committed Burner backer.

But the highlight of that day? Darcy's liveblog here. We had to steal as much time away as we could from an incredibly busy day, and then had to literally drag Darcy away from her keyboard. She we so jazzed to be here, talking with us, and proved to be a natural blogger.

So those of you who didn't have the opportunity to get to know Darcy last year, or to meet her in Chicago during the convention, check out that liveblogging session. And watch this. There's not a lot more you need to know.

More and better Democrats, like Darcy. Go do your part!

Update by kos: Score! 1,250 contributors on ActBlue! That blows by our goal for the day in just under 6 hours. Of course, that doesn't mean those of you who hadn't gotten around to helping can take it easy. This is just the first day of a four-day effort to combat the benefits that Rep. Reichert will reap from his Bush fundraiser on Monday evening.

So we're at 1,250 today. But the final goal is bigger. 2,500? 3,000? Let's combat Bush's fat cat big money donors by raising an army of small dollar partisans. Let's prove that "people-power" can combat "business as usual".

The job isn't done. 700 or so of your netroots friends have joined the effort this afternoon, more did so earlier. Join us in sending a message to Reichert, to Bush, and to any Republican who thinks bringing Mr. 25% into their home is a good idea.

Race tracker wiki: WA-08

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