Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Horse's ass radio tonight: darcy burner, chris vance, christian sinderman"


Darcy Burner, for whom the netroots are raising cash this weekend will appear on the David Goldstein Show (KIRO sat., sun. 7-10p) at 7p. Local Daily Kos biggie McJoan will phone in.

At 8p: Democratic political consultant Christian Sinderman and Republican consultant (and former WSRP chair) Chris Vance will recap this week's primary and look ahead to the November election.

Meanwhile, the netroots keep plugging away at their ambitious $100k goal for Darcy Burner. By opposing the inarticulate Sheriff Reichert in the 8th District, she faces the fundraising juggernaut of the Republican National Committee. George W. Bush will appear for Reichert at a $10,000 a head funder on Monday.

The netroots are having a quilting bee- won't you help? Click on the graphic appropriately on the left and give a few bucks to Darcy.

Howie P.S.: Out-of-towners can listen online here.

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