Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Debate wrap-up"

More "Last Words" via Ben Smith:
My take is here, and honestly this was a tough debate to have a clear take on -- I didn't emerge with a sense that something specific had happened.

Some clearer takes from the comments section, in response to my question who won:

Robert: Kucinich! Call him a "tiny man," call him a "woodland elf," call him "Seabiscuit!" But he took that debate away. Hands down.

Jeff from Pa.: Obama by far — his line about the others being architects of the biggest blunder in U.S. foreign policy history was the best moment in the campaign so far.

TNDem: Wasn't even close. The winner was Barack Obama. The foreign policy response to Dodd blew the doors off. BTW, it's pathetic that Dodd and Biden are running for VP by trying to go after Obama and Edwards. I wonder what Hillary has promised them.

Ntouch08: Speaking in the frame of who they were speaking to... As much as I hate to say it, Kucinich was consistently strong tonight, particularly the first half. Out of the big three, Obama and Edwards I think did equally well to the broader audience, but to those on hand Edwards had the obvious edge. Clinton just kept on keeping on, no gain, but no loss. I've already forgotten about the rest, except for Biden's shameful near disregard for the poor woman who lost her husband.

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