Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Internet Shaping the 2008 Presidential Race" (video)

Howie Intro: A local tv station wakes up from its long slumber and discovers the netrooots. It's a start. I guess.

Clip (video, 14:00)from August 12, 2007 on WABC Ch.7 in New York with Diana Miller:
How the growing power of the internet is shaping the 2008 presidential race? Are we ready to elect the first tech president? With bloggers gaining influence, presidential candidates are getting in on the act. We'll take a closer look at the power of the internet and how you can use it to get your voice heard.

If you are a political newshound, you no doubt know the internet is the place to go for information. We take a closer look at how the internet is dissecting the 2008 Presidential candidates in ways we've never seen before and how the candidates are using the internet to their advantage.

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