Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Chad Lupkes wins Best Progressive Entrepreneur!!"

dinazina (Washblog):
Five weeks ago, BlogPac put out a call to "find the five best new, grassroots progressive infrastructure projects in America, and provide those projects with the money, exposure, and connections necessary to get off the ground."

#1 - "Precinct Map and Voting History Online Application, submitted by Chad Lupkes, King County Democratic Party in Washington State.

This is a project to map every precinct in the state of Washington, along with providing information on how each precinct voted in key elections....this project has the potential to map every precinct in America, and make that information available to Democratic and progressive activists nationwide. The project has already mapped every precinct in King County, Washington, and you can see what this looks like by clicking here."

Yay Chad! A well-deserved reward!

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