Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Limbaugh, rove laugh at the seattle times' elitist, liberal glee"

Michael Hood (blatherWatch):

Who knew? The Seattle Times- a cog in the wheel of the liberal media???

(And here we always thought they were Fascist Running Dogs!)

The Rush Limbaugh Show, Wednesday, Aug.15,2007:

RUSH: I would like to introduce you all to Karl Rove. Karl, welcome to the EIB Network. I cannot tell you how great it is finally to have you here with us.

KARL ROVE: Well, thanks, Rush. I'm honored you'd ask me and delighted to be with you.

RUSH: You haven't probably heard about this, although it won't surprise you, but I've gotta tell you something. It's a hilarious story. The editor of the Seattle Times was conducting a staff meeting when they learned of your resignation announcement, and everybody stood up and started cheering, and...

KARL ROVE: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Was my wife there?

RUSH: (Laughing.)

KARL ROVE: Was my wife in that crowd?

RUSH: (Laughing.) And the editor said -- this is what's funny. The editor said no politics in the newsroom. You've gotta keep this stuff to yourself. We've gotta remember there's a political year coming up. No politics in the newsroom!

If you haven't heard about this kerfuffle, here's the real story by David Postman, " A newsroom reprimand at The Times."

Howie P.S.: I wonder if it would have been okay if they were just sobbing quietly with bitter tears as this traitor leaves the White House.

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