Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Joe Wilson Invites You to Darcy Burner’s Send a Message! Online Town Hall" (video) (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Andrew @NPI offers additional details:
The forum will be streamed live over the web and will be moderated by Daily Kos contributor and editor Joan McCarter (mcjoan). It will include clips from courageous Americans who are standing up to demand an end to the occupation, such as Joe Wilson.

In upcoming days the Darcy's campaign plans to release additional statements "from other brave men and women in positions of leadership who understand the damage this war is having on our military, our nation, and on the Iraqi people."

Citizens are invited to submit questions, either in writing or through YouTube, between now and next Monday, at Darcy Burner's newly refurbished website., video (01:08):
George W. Bush is coming to Seattle Aug. 27 to raise money for his friend and ally, Rep. Dave Reichert, and thank him for his unwavering support of the president’s policy in Iraq. Darcy Burner is hosting a Virtual Town Hall to send Bush and our go-along Congress that we've had enough!

Join us on Monday, Aug. 27 at 3 PM to join, send in your thoughts and participate in this unprecedented opportunity to stand up and restore hope to our country. Sign up now!

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