Monday, February 16, 2009

"MoveOn Members Make Their Voices Heard" (video)

karinmoveon, video (03:08):
MoveOn members delivered more than 325,000 petition signatures and more than 30,000 questions and comments for bank CEOs appearing before the House Financial Services Committee on 2/11/2009. They demanded accountability and transparency that are only afloat because of an infusion of Americans' hard-earned dollars.

Several representatives, including Reps. Cleaver, Ellison and Grayson read their questions in the hearing. And Rachel Maddow featured MoveOn members' questions on her show that night.
Howie P.S.: This is some liberal pushback that appears to have been successful. This post appeared on Kos this afternoon: "Obama unhappy with executive pay restrictions in stimulus." Could it be that Obama is underestimating the populist anger, as in the Daschle appointment?

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