Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's Budget: Left, Right or Center? (audio)

Banner image: President Obama makes his point to Lawrence Summers (L), head of the National Economic Council, and Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag (2nd L), during a Saturday budget meeting in the President's first week in office. Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, is seated to Obama's left.

"Left, Right and Center" (KCRW, audio-29:00):
Hosts: Arianna Huffington,Tony Blankley, Matt Miller and Robert Scheer. Is Obama's budget the most ambitious economic plan in decades? Does it lay out the building blocks for the 21st century economy? Could it do more to reduce defense spending? Also, Citibank's latest bailout. Could the banks be Obama's Achilles heel? Plus, Jindal's stunning debut and the future of the GOP.
Howie P.S.: The panelists apply their own "stress tests" to Obama's budget, as well to his other proposals. They can't agree whether Obama's policies put him to the "left," the "right" or to the "center."


The Intellectual Redneck said...

Taxing the rich at 100% won't pay for Obama's budget. The Wall Street Journal has reported that taxing the rich at 100% won't pay for Obama's budget. Barack Obama promised not to raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000 per year. Where is he going to get the money? The numbers indicate Obama will need to take 100% of the income of everyone making over $75,000.

Howard Martin said...

Crazy math alert (above).