Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama: Early Wednesday Reax (excerpts, with audio and video)

"Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Obama Has Confused Saving the Banks With Saving the Bankers" (Democracy Now with video and audio):
We get reaction to President Obama’s speech from Nobel Prize winner and former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz. Stiglitz says the Obama administration has failed to address the structural and regulatory flaws at the heart of the financial crisis and in the way of economic recovery.
"Obama’s Bipartisan Mentors: F.D.R. and Reagan" (Lou Cannon):
Barack Obama recognizes that bipartisanship must be more than a tactic. In “The Audacity of Hope,” he wrote that “genuine bipartisanship assumes an honest process of give-and-take,” and that the result must be measured by “some agreed-upon goal, whether better schools or lower deficits.” This is an eyes-wide-open bipartisanship. It has served Obama well in the opening weeks of his presidency, and will be much needed by him in the substantive battles that lie ahead.
"Getting Warmer" (Robert Scheer):
We are lucky to have Barack Obama as president. I write that even though I believe the content of his Tuesday evening speech deserved no more than a B+ / A-, for its failure to seriously address the origins of the banking crisis and for only hinting at the severe military budget cuts required to get close to his goal of reducing the federal deficit by the end of his first term.

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