Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Going forward with loyalty and trepidation" with Obama

brooklynbadboy's front page diary On Kos:
The main reason I am sticking with President Obama is because he has confronted some of the toughest issues this country faces. For that, he stands in stark contrast to his predecessor. I do not always agree with the position the president has taken on issues, ranging from peace in the middle east all the way to trade policy. But on those fronts and many others, this president has confronted them--sometimes ably and effectively as with saving America's auto industry, sometimes incompetently as with the foreclosure crisis. Never before has a president faced such a myriad of major problems, both foreign and domestic. But rather than ignore them, this president has, for the vast majority of these issues, chose to deal with them For that, he deserves a great deal of respect and the loyalty of his party. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Some will say that the boy from Brooklyn has set the bar too low. My father grew up in Brooklyn. Maybe that's why I don't think so.

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