Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Mad about reefer: City reviews pot policy following raid"

Medical Marijuana for sale in Calif. (Associated Press photo)

Chris Grygiel (
Following a controversial raid during which police busted down the door of Army veteran who uses marijuana for medical purposes, Mayor Mike McGinn said Friday the city would review how it deals with pot, which voters have told authorities to make the lowest possible law enforcement priority.

"It's not the policy, or the goal, of the city to investigate, arrest and prosecute individuals who possess small amounts of marijuana or...who are growing small amounts for medical use," McGinn said Friday in response to a question during a news conference. "So we are working with the police department, and we will reach out to the City Attorney's office, to address this at a policy level...I don't want to say that we have specific, concrete steps to address this, because we don't...but I expect we're going to have further announcements on how we're going to proceed in the near future." MORE...

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