Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Michelle Obama Campaigns for Patty Murray: "Women, man the phone lines" (with video)

Michelle Obama spoke during a campaign fundraiser for Sen. Patty Murray at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Monday, October 25, 2010.

Joel Connelly (seattlepi.com) with video (01:57) from the Seattle Times:
The message of Michelle Obama to a lunch audience dominated by women was blunt: Women should man the phone lines and Internet to save the imperiled political career of Washington Sen. Patty Murray.

Nothing less than the middle class and its access to the American Dream is at stake, the first lady declared in a fiery speech.

"For years middle income people have seen their incomes falling while the costs of things like health care and education continue to go up," said Obama, emphasizing a moment later:

"Keeping that dream alive and within reach is what drives him, drives him every single day. We're not here just because of an election . . . We're here to restore that dream." MORE...
Howie P.S.: Michelle Obama has another video (00:50), "Don't wait—vote early," out just now.

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