Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Stop Dino's secret money"

People for Patty Murray:

Did you know that Dino Rossi has benefited from more than $6.3 million in secret money to power his campaign -- more than any other Senate candidate this year?

It’s true.

He’s being propped up by shadowy right-wing front groups and big Wall Street donors who know that Dino will be a shill for their corporate, special interest agenda.

Dino’s buddies, including Karl Rove, are launching millions of dollars of attack ads against Patty Murray, trying to mislead the voters and distort Patty’s record.

And we need your help to set the record straight.

Please contribute $5 now -- and help us fight back against Dino’s shadowy, secret money!

It’s no surprise that the folks backing Dino’s campaign don’t want to reveal their true identities.

After all, Dino and his pals are championing the kind of destructive policies that benefit the big corporations, the big polluters, the special interests, and the very wealthiest -- but hurt all the rest of us.

That’s why Dino’s donors are channeling millions of dollars into shadowy front groups that aren’t required to open their books to public scrutiny, and Dino is all too happy to accept their help.

Well, Dino Rossi may have these shadowy outside interests -- but Patty Murray has you, and thousands of people like you.

Now it’s time to stand up and help Patty fight back against these right-wing attacks.

Please contribute now -- and help us fight back against Dino’s shadowy, secret money!

Every day, Patty Murray goes to work for you and for hundreds of thousands of Washington state families. All she wants to do is help people and solve problems.

Dino doesn’t have our interests at heart.

The shadowy front groups backing him know it. That’s why they’re pouring millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat Patty Murray.

And with just seven more days until Election Day, it’s up to you and me to stop them.

Please contribute now.


Jeff Bjornstad
Campaign Manager
People for Patty Murray

1 comment:

K.D. said...

Have you noticed that Rossi is doing station promos for Fox News affiliate KCPQ in Seattle? He's promoting their news department as the best media outlet to get accurate information on all the corporate-sponsored state initiatives on the ballot. That is just sick.