Monday, October 25, 2010

More from Greenwald on "NYT v. the world: WikiLeaks coverage"

Glenn Greenwald:
>Media outlets around the world prominently highlighted this revelation, but not The New York Times:


The Guardian: Al Jazeera:

Hindustan Times:

Even Politico acknowledged and trumpeted this fact:

By stark and deliberate contrast, here's how The New York Times framed these revelations to its readers (h/t Remi Brulin):

Three cheers for the U.S.! While a handful of American soldiers -- a few bad apples -- may have abused Iraqi detainees in hellholes like Abu Ghraib, those detainees "fared worse in Iraqi hands," so we weren't as bad as the new Iraqi tyrants were. That's the way The New York Times chose to frame these revelations. MORE ...

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