Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bill Moyers, Taibbi and Kuttner on health care: "Something's not right here." (with video)

PBS, video (32:19), with transcript:
Something's not right here. One year after the great collapse of our financial system, Wall Street is back on top while our politicians dither. As for health care reform, you're about to be forced to buy insurance from companies whose stock is soaring, and that's just dandy with the White House.

Truth is, our capitol's being looted, republicans are acting like the town rowdies, the sheriff is firing blanks, and powerful Democrats in Congress are in cahoots with the gang that's pulling the heist. This is not capitalism at work. It's capital. Raw money, mounds of it, buying politicians and policy as if they were futures on the hog market.
Howie P.S.: Matt Taibbi and Robert Kuttner talk with Moyers about the prospects for health care reform and an economic recovery. BREAKING this morning: "There is a Senate Health Care bill -- and Ben Nelson is on board," (Joe Sudbay).

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