Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Climate Crackdown: UN Bars Friends of the Earth and Other Environmental Groups From Climate Talks" (video)

Democracy Now! with video:
The crackdown around the UN climate talks in Copenhagen is intensifying. Earlier today the United Nations suspended several mainstream environmental groups and barred members from re-entering the conference. Organizations targeted include Friends of the Earth, Tck Tck Tck, Avaaz, World Vision and Via Campesina. Democracy Now caught up with Nnimmo Bassey, the prominent Nigerian environmentalist, just as he was being removed by security from the conference.
Howie P.S.: More from Democracy Now! live in Copenhagen: here and here and here and here. Naomi Klein says "US Politicians, Don't Come to Copenhagen" (The Nation, with video from GristTv). Like US health care, the message from the activists is "no deal is better than a bad deal."

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