Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Chris Matthews tries to bully darcy burner" (with video)

Michael Hood (BlatherWatch), with video and transcript from Crook&Liars(03:10):
MSNBC's Chris Matthews (the conscience of Pennsylvania) tried to browbeat our own Darcy Burner on the teevee Monday. She didn't take the bait. Matthews is a Billo Reilly wannabe who interrupts and sternly filibusters his guests- when, that is- he's not fellating them. Darcy, (now the Executive Director of, a non-profit lobbying group) kept her cool, making Matthews look evermore bilious and past his pull-date. (HT to KO!)
Howie P.S.: I missed this when it was posted two days ago. Tweety was a bigger a-hole than usual and Darcy shined like a diamond.

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