Monday, December 21, 2009

"Poll: Support For Senate Bill Jumps Among Democrats"

Greg Sargent:
It’s become a widely accepted interpretation that the Senate bill, by jettisoning the public option and Medicare buy-in, risks becoming deeply unpopular among rank and file Dems, causing Obama to bleed liberal support and surpressing the base’s enthusiasm heading into 2010.

But the internals of the new CNN poll contain a striking finding: Support for the Senate bill is up among Democratic voters. What’s more, Obama’s support has increased among liberals.

The poll finds that support overall for the Senate health care bill has jumped six points, to 42%, since early December. That’s a sizable jump, though overall 56% oppose it.

But here’s the interesting part: The poll also found that approval of the Senate bill has jumped 10 points among Dems in the same time period — a time period during which the Medicare buy-in was dropped. That’s a faster rise than overall. What’s more, it has jumped by the same number among young voters — who are presumably more liberal.

On top of that, the poll also says that Obama’s overall approval among liberals has gone up, to 81%.

That’s a counter-intuitive finding, given all the anger on the left about the watering down of the bill. It suggests that overall, rank and file Dems may be grateful for action on health care, and see the bill as an achievement even without its core liberal priorities.

Howie P.S.: That lipstick looks real good on the pig. Let's enjoy our pork! Folks like results.

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