Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Micah White from Ad Busters" on OWS (with videos)

Whatstrending, video (09:50):.
Micah White from Ad Busters Skypes in to talk about the origins and phenomenal growth of Occupy Wall Street.
Howie P.S.: TPM has "Occupy Wall Street Demographic Survey Results Will Surprise You.". Noillusionz has produced what may be the first television commercial for a protest movement, video, (00:33). Nicholas Kristof extends the OWS inequality message to the education arena: "Occupy the Classroom." Zaid Jilani (Think Progress) takes the imapact of OWS in another direction: "Thanks To The 99 Percent Movement, Media Finally Covering Jobs Crisis And Marginalizing Deficit Hysteria."

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